Accepting Payments - A Step by Step Guide

Online –

Beneficiaries can purchase goods and services online. Every time a sale of goods and/or services is completed, your dashboard balance will update to reflect the change. You are required to deliver the goods/services once payment has been accepted.

Aside from delivering the goods/services, there is no further action required to accept sales online.

Beneficiaries will make online purchases by logging into their account and select ‘Make Payment’ to begin the online process.  As a verified merchant, your store will be available for users to choose from. Once they select your store, they will enter the values for the goods/services they are after.

Beneficiaries can only complete a purchase if they have sufficient balance. Once the purchase is complete, records will immediately update and changes reflected on both user's and your dashboards.

Deliver the goods/services to beneficiaries after receiving payment.

In Store –

Alternatively, beneficiaries can also visit your store to purchase goods and services. To complete a check-out, start by logging in to your TraceDonate account.

Click ‘Accept Payment’ to begin the check-out process. You will be asked to scan the beneficiary's ID by clicking ‘Scan QR Code’.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 11.53.44.png

Beneficiaries can provide their ID either in the form of a physical card or by clicking 'My ID' in their TraceDonate account on their portable devices (e.g. mobiles or tablets). After scanning the user’s digital ID, their profile is displayed. Please verify the ID.

By clicking ‘Next’ you confirm the beneficiary’s identity to proceed.

Similar to any conventional store check-out process, enter the values of goods and services the beneficiary wishes to purchase. Their available balance is clearly indicated and they will only be able to make purchases where there is sufficient balance.

To complete the check-out process, you will be prompted to ask beneficiaries to enter their personal pin codes.

Records will be immediately updated after a sale is confirmed and reflected on both beneficiary's and your dashboards.

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