Donor Guide


What is TraceDonate?

TraceDonate is a donation platform powered by blockchain technology that offers end-to-end transparency.

Designed to be like your day-to-day e-commerce journeys, you can donate to individuals and appeals connected to the platform by international NGOs and humanitarian organisations. TraceDonate will send you email and SMS notifications when your donations has been used. The notifications will also tell you how they were used – all the whilst, building up your personal donation history.

The Irish Red Cross – Tuberculosis Emergency Appeal in India

The Irish Red Cross – Tuberculosis Emergency Appeal in India


How does it work

Leveraging blockchain technology, the donation process tokenizes items (cash, utilities, groceries, medical products etc). Organisations on the platform will make these available. You, as donors, will see these as items that you can choose to donate.

Example of setting up monthly donation

Example of setting up monthly donation

With items in the form of tokenized assets, they can be digitally transferred as donations from digital identity to digital identity, from donors, organisations to end-beneficiaries. Because this entire process takes place on a platform that is powered by blockchain, TraceDonate also builds permanent and transparent records of donations.

We also make this information available to you in the form of email and SMS notifications and via your Trace dashboard. This notification will tell you where and how you donation has been utilised. Information on individual donations are then collected to build your personal donation history that you can view on the dashboard anytime.

Example of a Trace dashboard

Example of a Trace dashboard


How do I register

Select an organisation whom you wish to support. Register with a valid email address, mobile number and password.

Currently you are required to register for separate accounts for different organisations.

When you register, an email is sent to you with a verification link. Click on the link, or cut and paste it into your browser, which will complete the registration process.

By registering for a TraceDonate account, you’ll be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Within ‘My Settings’, you have the option of enabling SMS or Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication.


Why do I need to register

You will need to register in order to receive personalised notifications about the donations you have made and to access your Trace dashboard within TraceDonate. A personal account is also necessary in order to enable features such as ‘Remember this card’ and ‘Monthly donations’.


I did not receive my verification email/SMS.

For email verification, make sure you are connected to the internet. Please check that that communication is not restricted by VPN or firewall. You can also do a search for emails from Lastly, please make sure you are checking the same email account as the one used for registration.

For SMS verification, please make sure you are connected to your data/wireless service. Please check that that communication is not restricted by VPN or firewall. Lastly, please check that you have entered the correct country code (+XXX) and phone number at registration.


How do I update my contact information on my TraceDonate account?

You can update your information by visiting ‘My Settings’ after signing into your account.


I still need to contact support, what do I do?

Write to us.