TraceDonate FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


What is TraceDonate?

TraceDonate is a donation platform powered by blockchain technology that offers end-to-end transparency.

Designed to be like your day-to-day e-commerce journeys, you can donate to individuals and appeals connected to the platform by international NGOs and humanitarian organisations. TraceDonate will send you email and SMS notifications when your donations has been used. The notifications will also tell you how they were used – all the whilst, building up your personal donation history.


What is the difference between TraceDonate and other donation services?


If you are reading this, we assume you want to make a difference to the world by making a donation. But there is a problem. We are losing trust in the way we donate. Very often we don’t know where the money has gone, to whom it has gone to or how the money is spent.

There is a plethora of donations platforms but none of which are addressing the roots of this problem. Using blockchain technology, TraceDonate offers trust by transparency. It connects you, via organisations, to beneficiaries using digital identity and document every donation securely on the blockchain.

This means that you, as a donor, can see exactly how, where and when you donation is spent.


How do I start donating?

Register for an account using an email address and a mobile number. Currently you are required to register for separate accounts for different organisations (e.g. Irish Red Cross, The Disaster Services Corporation – Society of St. Vincent de Paul USA).


Once you have registered and verified your account, you will be redirected to TraceDonate pages where you can start donating! Fees are clearly displayed at the point of checkout.


How do I use blockchain?

No fear, just because the platform is powered by blockchain technology does not mean you have to crack open any old (or never was) programming skills. TraceDonate is built with you, our donors, in mind. The whole donation process resembles the everyday online shopping experience. Simply browse, select and checkout.


If TraceDonate is powered by blockchain technology, do I have to donate with cryptocurrency or tokens?


Donating via TraceDonate does not involve any cryptocurrency at all. TraceDonate is integrated with Stripe - a global online payment processor. This means that when donating, you can make payment with any credit/debit card, including American Express.

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I would like to work with TraceDonate. Where can I learn more?

TraceDonate is developed by AID:Tech. Visit our website to learn more about TraceDonate and the benefits of the AID:Tech Transparency Engine.