Merchant Guide


How do I become a merchant on TraceDonate

Register with a valid email address, mobile number and password.

When you register, an email is sent to you with a verification link. Click on the link, or cut and paste it into your browser, where you will be shown instructions to completing the process.

By registering for a TraceDonate account, you’ll be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Within ‘My Settings’, you have the option of enabling SMS or Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication.


Why do I need to register

In order to accept payments from end-beneficiaries on TraceDonate, you’ll need to be registered and verified by your partner organization. Your partner organization connects you with end-beneficiaries and allocates the appropriate goods and services, such as food and medical aid, that you can distribute as part of their programme.

Every payment you receive from end-beneficiaries will produce a record of transaction with which you can request a settlement with.


Merchant verification

At the first login after registration, you’ll be asked to provide a number of documents as part of the merchant verification process. Once these documents have been uploaded, please await verification by your partner organisation. You’ll receive an email notification once the process is complete, at which point you can begin to accept payment from end-beneficiaries and distribute goods and services.

Your partner organization may ask for:

  1. Proof of identity

  2. Proof of residence

  3. Proof of business


Why do I need to be verified

As merchant, you play a crucial role in making sure that goods and services are distributed to end-beneficiaries on the ground. The verification process conducts the necessary due diligence to enable your store’s inclusion in your partner organisation’s programme.


How do I start accepting payments

End-beneficiaries can either purchase your goods and services online or in-store.


End-beneficiaries can make purchases online for goods and services. If this is the case, you are not required to do anything to accept payment. You are required to deliver the services once payment has been accepted.


End beneficiaries can also visit your store to purchase goods and services. Scan the beneficiary’s AID:Tech digital ID at the point of check out to complete the process.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 11.53.44.png

How do I complete settlement

You will have a prior agreement in place with your partner organization that details the frequency (weekly, monthly etc) and process of settlement. If you have any questions about specific settlement requests please contact your partner organization directly.


I did not receive my verification email/SMS.

For email verification, make sure you are connected to the internet. Please check that that communication is not restricted by VPN or firewall. You can also do a search for emails from Lastly, please make sure you are checking the same email account as the one used for registration.

For SMS verification, please make sure you are connected to your data/wireless service. Please check that that communication is not restricted by VPN or firewall. Lastly, please check that you have entered the correct country code and phone number at registration.


How do I update my contact information on my TraceDonate account?

You can update your phone number by visiting ‘My Settings’ after signing into your account.


I still need to contact support, what do I do?

Write to us.